Monday, April 6, 2009

Who actually gets a job through anyway?

I don't know anyone in my field, or anyone for that matter, who has found employment through

Seriously, do you know anyone? Maybe you've had luck using, but not me. Anything promising I've ever seen on the site ends up being a crummy sales job masquerading as something much sexier or a downright scam.

Perhaps I'm making a generalization, perhaps not. But I've learned not to bother with or other similar sites.


  1. I found my current employer through Monster though it was a somewhat roundabout route.

  2. Try craigslist. I usually get SOME kind of response there.

    After seven weeks on the dole (I was a corporate newspaper worker too) I'm looking into becoming a bartender. Via craigs. I'm also in school to become a Web worker.

    No more newspapers, ever. Yuck.