Wednesday, April 22, 2009

People are staying put — and for good reason

Moving is ridiculously expensive, even when times are good and your new employer throws you some relocation cash. When I moved to Idaho to work for a corporate newspaper, they gave me a modest relo fee, and it still only covered about a third of our expenses. Blame my faberge egg addiction.

It's not surprising, then, at the beginning of these End Times — or however historians refer to Now 500 years from Now — that people aren't moving. Census data shows that fewer people moved in 2008 than in any year since 1962. Immigration also is down, which should please Rush Limbaugh, God bless him.


  1. That's interesting because as I drive around town trying to get boxes, I keep hearing; You got here too late someone already came by, everyone seems to be moving.
    Maybe someone is just hording boxes for when people start moving again.

  2. I think the article says something about people still moving across town and such, but that relocations are down. There's also a conspiracy against you to keep you from finding boxes. By the way, I love the blog your friend started about you and visiting Louisiana.