Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Laid Off Loser Album of the Day: "12 Crass Songs"

Jeffrey Lewis

If you're out of work and pissed off at the Government and the System, run out to your local record store or hop on iTunes and buy this album. Hell, even if you're employed and pissed off, buy it. There's a great story behind the record — go here to read it. Let's dive right in and get to a sample of the lyrics:

"The living that is owed to me I'm never gonna get
They've buggered this whole world up, up to their necks in debt
They'd give you a lobotomy for something you ain't done
They'll make you an epitome of everything that's wrong

Do they owe us a living?
Of course they do, of course they do
Do they owe us a living?

Good stuff. Enjoy your day.

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