Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What was getting laid off like for you?

I'm curious what the experience was like for others. Share the details in the comments below.


  1. Weird, very weird, wrenching, but both in a good and bad way. I was one of those journalists who had kind of lost faith in newspapers... too many reasons to list them briefly here ... and had started taking classes in Web development. So it was this weird, exhilirating feeling of being free, but what if I run out of money, but thank God I'm getting out of this negative place.

    Ultimately, I have to say it's been a good experience. Worry a little every day, but the freedom is kind of intoxicating, ha ha ha. And it looks like it will end in the next few days. A (crap) job has finally become available, there is an outstanding chance I'll get it.

    Blog on, buddy. It's weird to say but: try to enjoy this time. I realize it's a nail-biter, but rarely in our adult lives do we get to enjoy this much contol in what we do day-to-day. Don't let it go to waste; savor it as much as possible. I visited the library a good bit, went outside when the weather was nice, met a bunch of interesting people while tooling around looking for work, got to watch the inauguration ALL day and sometimes ... just relaxed.

  2. I understand where you're coming from — it was more of a relief to get laid off than to have to stay there longer and get paid less on top of it.

    I'm going through that same exhilaration/anxiety cycle myself. I'm exercising more than I was when I was working, getting outside more, and I plan to spend some more time with my wife and daughter.

    Thanks for sharing. Good luck to you ...

  3. Well, I've joined the ranks of the "laid off". I was told yesterday at 4:30 that it would be my last day. I knew in my heart of hearts that this was coming but tried to deny it. However, since I am in the construction industry, really I'm a pretty smart cookie and saw the signs. As my boss was telling me that I would be laid off, all I could think was "no problem", I am resourceful and I will get my own personal construction company up and running AGAIN. I would much rather work for myself than work for someone else anyway. Soooo, for me this is a good thing and a reason to stretch my neck out and get myself out there. Please visit my website - www.imaginativeconstructionsolutions.com

    No job too large or too small!!!

  4. Hey Bro,
    Keep up the great effort on this!

    My favorite personal story was when I got canned from the Publicis advertising mega-agency.
    It was the 18-month ripple effect of the head-in-the-sand mentality America took after the 9/11 attacks.
    Anyway, although the agency was doing "everything it could" to keep costs down, they flew in some Executive Creative Director from the San Francisco office just to do the deed.
    Nice enough woman, who literally opened up with "I'm sure you can imagine why I'm here..." to which I replied, "Given the mentality around here, I'm sure you paid $400 for an airline ticket to can my ass."
    She turned a most remarkable shade of white and then an equally memorable red hue before stuttering something to the effect I'd better go see the office manager now.
    But that was two gigs ago, including some work for the U.S. government and a freelance stint of my own.
    The oddest part of the universal process is still how one can transition (in a nanosecond) from valued resource to would-be criminal - I mean they typically don't even let you clean out your desk unattended!
    The Age of Aquarius has ended, dear children.
    Welcome to the Age of Litigation.
    Enjoy your stay and smile because you're on camera and we prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law.

  5. P.S. We would be happy to trade work with others. Just e-mail to discuss.