Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Put on your pants, head to the job fair ...

Saddle up, partner, the Idaho Job & Career Fair runs today and tomorrow at Expo Idaho, 5610 Glenwood St., Garden City (corner of Chinden and Glenwood, at the fairgrounds; just don't go expecting an Elmo balloon animal or corn dog). 

The Web site claims "hundreds of recruiters and applicants" will be in attendance. I just called the Idaho Business League, which organizes the event, to get a better idea of the number of recruiters, but I got a message saying they're, duh, at the career fair. At least they're not out getting loaded. Or maybe they are. Perhaps the whole thing is just a sham or a front for an acid test.

I'm guessing the ratio of recruiters and applicants is leaning heavily toward applicants as the party kicks off here at the lunch hour. Today's fair runs from noon to 5 p.m.; tomorrow it goes from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

I'm waiting until tomorrow. That'll give me time to print out some resumes and lay out my best dress, even at the risk of looking like a slacker for not making it there on the first day. 

I certainly don't have high hopes, but I've never been to a big-boy career fair (I did go to a seasonal job fair in college once). I'm looking forward to checking out the scene. I'm guessing there will be a lot of recruiters hiring teens for summer jobs, some shitty commission sales "opportunities" for adults and not much else unless you're in health care or insurance. But who knows — maybe something will come of it. At least it's something I can claim I did this week to keep the unemployment checks rolling in. Gotta feed the monkey.

I plan on Twittering from the event and maybe even posting a blog entry or two if my fingers are nimble enough to work my new iPhone without throwing it at a Dairy Queen manager. We'll see. Maybe I'll see you there, loser.


  1. Take a book. The career fairs here in North Carolina are always swamped with people (meaning, HUGE lines.)

  2. Sweet. Can't wait! Sounds like it'll join the unemployment office and the DMV on the list of places I loathe visiting.