Monday, April 6, 2009

Laid Off Loser liftoff

I got laid off Friday from my corporate newspaper job. It's a new first. I've been dumped, cut from sports teams, rejected by fancy East Coast graduate schools, but never, dating back to mowing lawns as a teenager, have I lost my job before. I found out about two weeks ago — and had anticipated getting canned for the past six months — so it wasn't one of those sudden, gestapo-comes-to-take-you-away deals. Nonetheless, it's a bit strange not to be there today, or anywhere for that matter. This is one of the few Mondays in my life when I didn't have to get up and be somewhere. No tests to take, no deadlines to make.

How do I feel? Oddly liberated. Have you ever been in a bad relationship that festered for too long but both of you were too chicken to end it, then when the other person suddenly broke it off you were more relieved than saddened? It's like that. But ask me again tomorrow — I might be freaking out by then.

What am I going to do? Like everyone else, look for work. And unwind. I'm giving myself at least two days to listen to records and stare at the ceiling. I'll probably self-medicate. I anticipate a few naps. I might take a soul searching walk around town to "Dust in the Wind":

I started Laid Off Loser to fill the empty spaces, but also to pimp myself to prospective employers, keep my writing limber (it's like exercise yo), review some music, compile up-to-date unemployment/economy news and network with other Laid Off Losers in the hopes of helping one another find work during this awkward waltz known as the Great Recession.

Thanks for reading. Drop me a line. Join the conversation. Add me to your blogroll. Spread the word. Subscribe. Bookmark. Be excellent to each other.


  1. Love the blog, Chad. I've bookmarked you.

  2. I'm sorry, and congratulations. Looks like you landed on your feet.

  3. Hey Chad, you could be a real loser like be and be unemployed for 5 years? Excellent way to garner attention for yourself, maybe you could help other losers too?

    Rock! -Dizzle

  4. I'm hoping to help others with this site, too - this isn't just about me, it's about you. If you want to post some information about yourself (job skills, links, contact info, etc), see the post entitled "Become a Laid Off Loser!" Thanks for reading ...