Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Guest Laid Off Loser Playlist

This was sent by a fellow mix tape junkie and former colleague at the Idaho Statesman, plucked from his iTunes library. He gets special kudos for the inclusion of Cracker's "Loser," a killer cover of the Jerry Garcia tune, though Whiskeytown's "Losering" is nowhere to be found. Bosh! Nonetheless, a nice theme and a nice mix. 

Got a Laid Off Loser Playlist to share? Hit me up in the comments to this post.

"Losers and Winners," Accept
"One Step Closer to Home," The Alarm
"Loser," Beck
"One Step Closer," Bon Jovi
"Losers," The Cardigans
"Loser," Cracker
"Teenage Loser Anthem," Dambuilders
"Always a Loser," Dirty Looks
"Loser in a Fight," Frehley's Comet
"Lonesome Loser," Little River Band
"Losers in the Game," Metal Church
"Secret Loser," Ozzy Osbourne
"Leader of Losers," Slaves On Dope
"I'm a Loser," UFO
"Loser," 3 Doors Down


  1. Hey loser -- Why weren't you this funny at the Statesman? Calll me at the BW tomorrow.


  2. Hey loser, give Vince Guaraldi's cover of "I'm a Loser" a try. It's sublime...unlike you losers. You may know Guaraldi as the guy who wrote the original music for the Charlie Brown/Peanuts TV specials. I'm going to listen to the Charlie Brown Xmas CD tomorrow while working on my halogen tan. I'm a loser, I'm just employed.