Friday, May 22, 2009

Three-day weekend for the unemployed

So, I realized today that Memorial Day will be my first major holiday as a Laid Off Loser. And you know what? It still feels like I have a three-day weekend ahead of me. Which is nice.

Going into this unemployed life, I wondered if every day would feel the same — like a stuck-on-the-couch funk I couldn't shake, or the do-nothing bliss of a perpetual Saturday afternoon, whatever. But my experience has been much different, much more ... usual. The weekdays still feel like weekdays, the weekends still feel like weekends, and I imagine a holiday day off is still going to feel like a holiday day off.

I may be jobless, but I still have responsibilities during the week: Freelance work, job searching, household chores, etc. I wish I could say my afternoon beer intake has spiked dramatically, but that's just not the case. However, it still kicks major ass being home all day. And I don't get Sunday Depression anymore.

With America leaving work early, making last-minute booze runs and otherwise getting ready for Memorial Day, I've decided to treat it like any other holiday, too. No job searching, no blogging, no nothing except fun. I plan on drinking good beer, taking naps, getting outdoors with my family, listening to records on the patio and avoiding stupid people who think the world revolves around them any time they break routine and stray more than five miles from home.

Have fun. Get dumb. Don't do anything you don't want to do until Tuesday morning. And if you're still hung over then, guess what? You can sleep it off and be thankful you don't have to suffer under halogens all day.

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  1. Noooow yer getting the hang of it.

    I still work a good bit during the weekdays too, and the weekends still feel like weekends. But I've finally gotten to test out the "if I could just get one more hour of sleep I'd feel so much better" in the mornings. And guess what? I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER, ha ha ha.

    Anyway, there are a few silver linings in the unemployment cloud...