Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Broadcasting" a job loss on Facebook and Twitter

Corporate psychologists agree, "writing about a job loss on Twitter or Facebook is healthy, positive and useful." 

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  1. So, you can't file for unemployment over the internet in Idaho? That's where your from, correct? That sucks. Haven't had any problems here in D.C. It was so easy, I thought this can't be real. I think I got my first check after 3 weeks. Anywho, I'm into the first extension right now. And that was a breeze as well. Didn't skip a beat. Which quite frankly, is a blessing since I don't have to tell you how difficult everything else is, namely getting another job. Anyway, you just do everything over the internet here. Never even had to go into an office. Thank God. And the benefit is automatically deposited into my account. I wonder if it's to keep all the unemployed as faceless as possible. But in other news, I'm getting this general feeling that things might just be picking up. Had another phone interview today. We will see. Thanks for writing this blog. And good luck!

  2. In theory, I should be able to do everything over the Internet, but the Idaho Department of Labor site isn't Mac compatible for online benefit filing. So, that means I have to drive downtown once a week to use one of their PCs. Annoying.

    There are definitely rumblings in the media about this recession breaking, but I still think it's too early for everyone to get excited. But that's good to hear you're at least getting phone interviews. I've been slowly piecing together my own PR business, and so far it's going well, even though I'm nowhere near full-time yet with it. Which is fine, because Idaho lets you collect benefits while you're working less than full-time.

    Thanks for writing. Glad you're enjoying the blog.