Thursday, May 21, 2009

Idaho Department of Labor director personally responds

This showed up in my inbox today after hatin' on the Idaho Department of Labor yesterday.

Roger and I are getting together tonight to slam beers and fish tacos. Not really. I haven't even gotten back to him yet.


While I am glad you had a positive experience with our front desk staff in the Labor Boise office, I am very sorry you had an unsatisfactory experience on the phone.

Our workload has nearly tripled in the last year and our staff is under a great deal of stress. That said, it’s no excuse for how you felt when you got off the phone. Our goal at the Idaho Department of Labor is to provide a level of customer service that leaves people like you encouraged and motivated for finding work. As director of the Idaho Department of Labor, I take customer service complaints seriously and am more than willing to meet with you in person about your experience.

You are not a laid off loser and I would like a chance to prove it. The Idaho Department of Labor offers a whole host of workshops for job seekers — on topics ranging from resume writing to interview skills. I would be happy to assign a job consultant to work with you on your search and I also encourage you to attend one of our upcoming online job search networking workshops. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send you the details.

Best regards,
Roger B. Madsen, Director


  1. Yes, Chad, The Department of Labor wants to help you with your writing skills!! lol! Way to go drawing some much needed attention here with results.

  2. I like how he seems worried about your self-esteem based on the blog title. Chad's got a soft spot!!!

  3. Hey Laid Off Loser,

    Did you write to the Idaho Department of Labor, or did they read your blog and respond?

    Just curious,

    Duane, lucky recipient of job SAVED by Obama's strategic economic recovery.