Monday, May 11, 2009

My apocalyptic plan

What would you do if you had no Plan B, no safety net, no viable alternative if a new job failed to materialize and your life started to fall apart? In short, what's your apocalyptic plan?

Mine is to walk. 

It's something I started thinking about last year — amidst constant news of a sinking economy, endless war, natural disasters, etc. — when the end of modern civilization as we know it started looking eerily possible.

So I got to thinking what I would do if the bottom just fell out from under me and it all went to shit. And I came up with this: I would pack what I needed on my back, have my wife do the same, and our family three would just start walking.

The way I figure, walking is free. Assuming you already own clothes and a pair of shoes, all you really need to sustain yourself is food and water, and maybe shelter if the weather is bad. If you can't scrounge that together each day, maybe you don't deserve to live.

A perpetually mobile life walking requires no permanent shelter, no gasoline, no utilities, no nothing. You can walk anywhere you want, when you want, and there's plenty of warm weather and sunshine out there. Even if you walked for the rest of your life, you'd never run out of places to go. You could always turn around and go back the way you came or do circles. Whatever gets you through the night.

It's likely it will never come to this, but that's what I'd do if major shit hit the fan, I had no family or friends around and I couldn't sustain my existence staying put. Imagine how fit and strong you'd be. Like a leopard or something. Roar.

So, what's your apocalyptic plan? Let's hear it, leopard.


  1. My apocalyptic plan? Move back in with the parents. They have a pretty good garden, warm climate, etc.

    Sexy, I know.

  2. That option is available to me, too. We have offers from both sets of parents. Ohio? Or Florida?

  3. Florida, definitely....ahhhhh, the ocean.