Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tough economic times mean tighter pants

We've already covered jobless fatness here at Laid Off Loser, but this is a reminder to you and me both: Watch what you eat, because you might come out the other side of your unemployment with a big ol' bootylicious backside.

My weakness is peanut M&M's, purchased in bulk at WinCo. Early on in my unemployment, I found myself gobbling them by the handful(s) well before noon and restocking my supply frequently. No longer. I still break down every now and then and buy a big ol' bootylicious bag on the weekend (what debauchery!), but I have definitely cut back.

I may be exercising more now that I don't have a job, but I'm battling stress fat (maybe — I feel less stressed than I was when I was working, so maybe this isn't an issue) and impulsive tendencies. Which means, when faced with the choice between an afternoon apple or ice cream sandwich, I'm not exactly keeping the doctor away.

It's all about balance yo. If you simply cannot stop yourself from ropin' the wind with Twinkie the Kid at 10 in the morning, take a walk while you eat. Even if it's walking in place. Or to the fridge for a strawberry Yoo-hoo.

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